Undergrad Projects


Contraption is a competition held at IIT Powai’s annual TechFest event

Problem Statement: Design a process with a series of interconnected steps to switch on a bulb. The design with maximum number of steps would be declared the winner. Every entry must have a minimum of 16 steps.

Inspiration: A series of interconnected steps to accomplish a task immediately reminded the team of the famous Tom and Jerry cartoon series. Hence we set out to design a process which was visually as exciting as it was in it functionality.

Ideation: We decided to make maximum use of the material found in and around our own house. Hence we thought of using of material such as a working motor from an old rusty table fan to make a turbine like mechanism. Also we used a metal bowl available at home to act as a conductor to complete a circuit. The base of the whole structure was set up on a discarded wood panel from an old bed.

Implementation : After all the steps in the process were designed on paper the task was to arrange the actual pieces carefully within the wood panel. We had to transport the project from one city to another on a train. Therefore it only made sense to design a modular structure which could be assembled at the competition site. One of the steps in the process included a few steel balls rolling down a tube. The steel balls were not  readily available in the required size so we had to get them fabricated from a local factory. It was a good lesson in negotiation, building contacts and project planning. We had to account for unforeseen delays in order to finish the setup in time to test it for errors before the competition.



B.E Final year project

Sponsor: Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Pvt Ltd

Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited (ONGC) is an Indian multinational oil and gas company headquartered in Dehradun, India.

Research: ONGC has many oil fields that are several kilometers away from the shore. It is crucial to maintain various parameters like pressure, temperature etc within a defined range to avoid accidents. The project was to design a solution for remotely monitoring and controlling these parameters not only from the platform but from offshore control station.

Prototype Solution: The solution worked as a data acquisition & control system, employing a proportional control for controlling the value of the parameters measured. It also possesses the feature of remote data logging into the PC. The data transmission is done through radio freq. at 315 MHz

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