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A fresh Architecture Start-up with interior design services

Customer research questionnaire

Q. Tell me a little bit about your company and your idea behind it
A: The company represents architecture that keeps evolving, adapting as per the changes in climatic conditions, people’s needs, cultural changes with time.
Q. What is the tag line of your company? Do you want it stated alongside your logo?
A. There is no tagline for the company at the moment
Q. What are the long-term goals for your company?
A.  To get into turnkey, and diversify a bit, into other kinds of designing too for example            lifestyle accessories, etc.
Q. What is the age range of your customer base?
A. Mid 40s
Q. What kind of image do you want to create for your company?
A. Taking inspiration from Frank Gehry I want the company to have an image of an iconoclast among design firms, bending the rules, changing the game.
Q. Who are your main competitors? And how are you different from them?
A. Right now the competitors are other upcoming Architects & Designers, the difference is that my designs are cleaner, minimalist and clutter free when compared to them.
Q. Do you have any specific imagery that you want to include in the logo?
A. I have a grid of 9 squares with one moving away in my current logo, I’d like it if that can be retained.
Q. Do you have any color preferences?
A. Monochromatic. Black and white, can add in gray, and a little bit of red just as a highlight, like a small dot or dash.
Q. Do you have any colors that you do not wish to use?
A.  No colors other than the ones mentioned in 8.
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